DevOps Engineer

Irving, TX


Designs, implements, qualifies and documents software tooling and workflow pipeline deliverables for cloud and client software solutions.

 Duties and Responsibilities:

• Can develop software to support and maintain development build pipelines, environments, and code repositories.  Proficiency in more than one element of the CI/CD pipeline architecture.

• Capable of building and maintaining solutions to support the build environment and workflow.

• Can work within a dynamic team and take direction from seniors where necessary.

• Able to develop high quality, concise and robust software delivery mechanisms. Able to observe, identify and incorporate best practices into their work products.

• Evolving skills in documenting deliverables in a collaborative and clear manner. Capable of making updates to reflect the evolution or refactoring of work products documented.

• Fluency in communication and relaying of details on environment operation and build decisions to technical audiences within the team.

• Acts as a mentor to less-experienced developers, relaying implementation guidance and code development quality techniques.

• Continuously improve cloud architecture to promote security, reliability, performance, automation, and monitoring.

• Can contribute to the body-of-knowledge relating to new and existing software configuration platforms, techniques and tools.


• DevOps expertise across multiple technologies, platforms, and clouds.

• Experience working in a 24x7 production support team for mission critical, customer-facing system.

• Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery experience automating the delivery, verification, and deployment pipeline.

• Technical Capacity and Technical Learning.



Education: Four (4) year degree or equivalent experience

Experience: 1-4 years

Skills: Expertise in (several): Cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.), Terraform, Docker,   Kubernetes, Automation, Web Services, Service Bus, Agile, CI/CD.